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LeoWhey 5lb
Using only the most carefully selected whey proteins in LeoWhey  makes it an excellent protein source for unique muscle gain and maintenance


LeoWhey 5LB

LeoWhey 5lb
Using only the most carefully selected whey proteins in LeoWhey  makes it an excellent protein source for unique muscle gain and maintenance. The superior blend of LeoWhey has an outstanding branched chain amino acid (BCAA) profile and yields an exceptional positive nitrogen balance, both needed by the body in order to build and maintain muscle growth.

LeoWhey  has a higher biological value (BV) than other proteins such as egg, tuna, chicken, beef, casein or soya. The biological value (BV) of the protein relates to how well and quick the body can absorb, retain and utilize the protein consumed. The higher the biological value of the protein you use the more your body can benefit from it.

LeoWhey is unique:

  • Includes cross-micro-filtrated and ionic exchanged whey
  • proteins, isolates, hydrolysates and peptides.
  • Outstanding amino acid profile 
  • with a very high branched
  • chain amino acid and glutamine / glutamic acid content.
  • Key ingredients with anti-catabolic and detoxifi cation effects
  • including taurine, glutamine peptides, n-acetyl-cystein and
  • chromium polynicotinate, helping your body to recover and
  •  repair itself quickly.
  • Does not contain any egg, soya, milk powder or casein.
  • Contains fortifi ed digestive enzymes to aid digestion
  • and absorption.
  •  Very low in fat.
  • No fructose or simple sugar added.
  •  Instantly mixed with a great taste.
  • Aspartame free.
  • LeoWhey  rapidly supplies the body with quality protein making it  the ideal choice for anyone undertaking a low carbohydrate and  low fat diet, those leading an active lifestyle or athletes in heavy  training.

Mix 30g (2 scoops) with 250-300ml water using a fork or a shaker and consume immediately three times daily: morning, before training and after training.
For slower release of protein (preferred at bed-time) you may want to mix a serving with skimmed milk instead of water.

LeoWhey can also be taken between meals as a snack to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and keep hunger at bay; or with meals to boost the protein content.


  • 83g high quality whey protein (dry matter)
  • 25.88g Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
  • 51.76g Essential Amino Acids (EAA)
  • 20.45g Glutmine/Glutamic acid

A sophisticated blend of whey protein that includes whey isolates, whey hydrolysates and whey peptides; flavouring; glutamine peptide; taurine; betain-hydrochloride; beet powder; n-acetyl-cysteine; sweetener: sucralose; papaya concentrate; chromium polynicotinate.


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